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Player Info
Are You Over 18, Y/N?: Y
Other Characters Played?: N/A

Basic Character Info
Character Name: Astharoshe Asran
Canon: Trinity Blood
Age: Unknown (probably close to 100 years old or older)
Timeline: A couple of days after the fight with Radu and the attempt on the Empress's life. (mangaverse)


Detailed Character Info
Personality: Asthe is very direct and to the point. She doesn’t sugar coat things at all and won’t hesitate to let her point be known. She also has a rather short temper. It doesn't take much to anger her and she has no problem using violence if she thinks it is necessary or if she gets too angry. She knows how to control her strength so that she doesn't hurt anyone too badly. She is also very proud of being a Methuselah and believes that being called a vampire as a grave insult. To most Methuselah, 'vampires' are criminals and deserve to be hunted down. She will also follow the orders of her Empress to her last breath and will not hesitate to give up her life for the Empire if she has to.

Asthe is also a member of the nobility within the Empire. She is the Viscountess of Odessa and Duchess of Kiev. Since she is nobility, she does tend to act like she is better than others and has no problem bossing others around if she sees the need to do so. She also believes that most humans are rather uncouth and barbaric. She used to think that all humans were the same, but after meeting and working with Abel Nightroad, a Vatican priest, her opinion changed. She used to think that humans would do whatever they could to kill her kind, thinking them nothing more than vampires.
Action sample:

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Player Information
Name/Nickname: Mecha
Livejournal Username: outlawfirestar
AIM/MSN/Yahoo: AIM: mechtechangel
Timezone: Central
Current Characters: Sakuraba Neko [RU]

Character Information
Name: Astharoshe Asran
Fandom: Trinity Blood
Age: Unknown (probably over 100 years old)
Gender: Female
OU, AU, or RU: OU
Assignment: The Uesugi

Appearance: Astharoshe, In her finery in the Empire. With her weapon, the Sword of Gae Bolg.
History:Not a whole lot is known about Asthe's childhood. What is known is that she grew up in the Empire as a member of a noble family. Nothing is known about her parents, aside from the fact that her mother has been dead for a year now and that her Uncle is the Duke of Tigris, Suleyman. Nothing is known about her father. As she grew up, she earned the titles of Viscountess of Odessa and Duchess of Kiev.




OOC: Note

This journal is no longer being used for discedo. It's going to be recycled, so please remove it from your lists!


XXX - [Action/Audio]

[She speaks in her native language, that of the True Human Empire.]

Abel? It's been too long. Is it all right if I come over?

[She goes back to English]

I'm going out.

[And there's the sound of a door closing.]

(OOC: Feel free to talk to her over the communicator or run into her as she heads towards Gohl.)


XXIX - [Text]

That sound was probably the most horrid that I have ever heard in this place.

Abel? Alucard? Washu? Tetsunosuke?

I cannot be the only one unaffected by this.

XXVIII - [Audio]

It's getting warmer, meaning the nights are going to be shorter. I won't be able to stay out as long. I'll deal with it as it comes. At least the snow is gone now.

XXVII - [Text]

More and more people arrive. It's almost like clockwork. People come and go in this place.

I don't understand why some people are sent back but not others. It makes no sense.

I'm running low on blood pills. I only have a few left. I will have to be careful.

Abel, have you decided a time to go hunting?

XXVI - [Audio]

[There's the familiar sound of swearing. Guess who got zapped?]

Abel? Alucard? Integra? Seras? Maxwell? Tetsunosuke?

It's been far too long since I've spoken to any of you. Things have been quiet for a long time. Almost too long. I'm thankful for it.

XXV - [Text]

The weather is still cold, but it should be starting to warm up soon. I grow bored in this place. There is nothing to do.

It is time I go hunting again. I doubt that I will be able to find much, things are even scarcer than when I last went hunting.

I will be out and about after sunset if anyone wishes to find me.

XXIV - [Audio]

[There's the familiar sound of the communicator zapping someone]

Damn thing. I thought I had lost it in the snow. I've moved into one of the other apartment in Horton until I'm able to get mine fixed.

Abel? How are you doing?

Washu, let me know when you're free to begin the lessons.